Paul Benson’s impressionism passion is to capture the outdoor landscape and its ever-changing light and beauty. The challenge of depicting impressionism in the three-dimensional world onto ­canvas is a difficult pursuit, but when it all comes together, it is an extremely rewarding experience. “When the gap between believability and beauty  is merged, I’ve done my job.”

 A successful impressionist painting, to Paul, represents nature’s truth expressed through the artist

Paul Benson is an American original who paints in the impressionism style.   After years of being an accomplished Attorney he has found time to focus on the incredible landscapes of the American experience. He has the ability to capture the essence of a landscape through the skill of his brush work in the impressionism style .


Paul Benson a self-taught impressionist artist, Paul has a passion and joy for discovering the light and color found in the subjects of his paintings similar to the works of the past masters. Paul strives for a similar quality in his work and uses the past masters as a standard to check his work against. Paul believes that impressionism paintings reveal the spiritual element of the landscape.